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“Investment in securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents

carefully before investing.”

Registration granted by SEBI and certification from NISM in no way guarantee performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors.

Investments/Trading In Stock Markets or Commodity Markets are Subjected to Market Risk.There is No Assurance or Guarantee any Minimum Success rate or Profits whatsoever.Further Please note that Past Performance is Not Indicative of Future Performance.Investment/Trading in Stock/Commoddity Markets does Involve Risk of Loss of Capital in Part or Full.


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We Do Not Accecpt Cash Payment


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Any Customer who is Not in Acceptance Or Comfortable with Providing Details stated in our Forms for Compliance, KYC or Agreement can Opt for a refund of Fess Paid, Before Activation of Services.No Refunds are Provided Post Activation of Services.


Client may Opt for Subscription Fees Refund anytime before Activation of Services.However We Do Not Offer any Refunds of Payment,Post Activation of Services.


We strictly follow Trading Principles and Stop Loss System, wherein Customer by default agree to not do/ enter any trade without Pre Informed/ Defined Stop Loss. If you trade against the stop loss policy, You alone shall be responsible for the same & We shall have zero liability towards it.


We do not accept payments in the form of advance. We accept payments only after the successful completion of Compliance Agreement, KYC & Consent of the Client. Any Customer or Prospective Customer who has Deposited Payment in our account, before successful completion of Compliance and KYC Interested, can Opt for a Refund. However No Refunds will be Provided Post successful completion of Agreement & KYC & Activation of Services.


Any Videos & Photos dispplayed on Website, are Selectively Derived from CNBC Awaaz Powered Pro Advisory Championship (PAC).


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  • Stock trading is inherently risky and you agree to assume complete and full responsibility for the outcomes of all trading decisions that you make. All comments and posts made by us, is for information purposes only and under no circumstances should be used for actual trading. Under no circumstances should any person make trading decisions based solely on the information discussed herein. We are qualified Investment advisor and we provide all the market based information to keep our clients informed about the real time changes happening in financial market, complete information provided by us consists of factual information which help you to understand the movement of market through the investment advice we provide. It is completely informative in nature.

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